Responsive Website Design

Article last updated December 2017

About responsive design

Responsive website design is a collection of techniques that allow websites to respond and adapt to the browser or media device’s width.

At Swindon Website Designers we are confident and experienced developing a responsive website. We successfully use some of the more popular frameworks such as Bootstrap, UIKit, Kendo Ui as well as having the knowhow to responsively develop a site without a framework at all.

Developing one single website which reacts and adapts to the browser’s width. Swindon Website Designers Responsive Web Design

An example of responsive design would be for example a customer who is viewing your website on a small mobile phone, they will get the same information as another customer using a desktop computer, however the website will reformat itself for the mobile phone to give them a better user experience.

One of many examples of this would be Submit or Call-To-Action buttons. On a mobile phone you will see much larger and thicker buttons that you are able to click. This is because us as website developers understand that your index finger does not have the same sort of precise clicking accuracy as a laptop’s mouse pointer, therefore by making the buttons larger the user doesn’t have to go through the frustration of missing the button or continuously having to zoom into the page on a mobile for a successful click.

If you would like to know more about how a responsive website can help your business get in touch this us today and we will be more than happy to discuss things further with you.