Parallax Scrolling

Article written: Thursday, 10th September 2015 by Swindon Website Designers

How to use Parallax Scrolling to Improve Your Website

You’ve probably noticed something new in web design in recent years: sites that animate themselves as you scroll. (If you haven’t, here are a few examples.) This is known as parallax scrolling, and the technique has become a must-have for many websites — especially for digital and design companies looking to make an instant impression.

You may well have noticed in the last few years, more and more websites that animate as you scroll, even some of the local businesses around Swindon. This is known as parallax scrolling and the technique is fast become the trend and must have for many website looking to make a fast and effective first impression.

Parallax Scrolling blog post written by Swindon Website Designers

Don’t Put Parallax Before Content

Parallax scrolling can offer a lot of rewards, but with it, comes many risks as well. The more you use it, the more hectic the page becomes. If you’ve got a lot of content to put forward to the viewer, then it’s probably not the best idea to use too much parallax scrolling, your local point with be lost as the user is reading down the page with content overlaying and flying from left to right.

Don’t Sacrifice User Experience

Parallax is fresh and exciting, leading to the temptation for designers to get carried away with making their websites really cool. A website should always do what it’s supposed to do first, provide a good experience for the user. If you create a flashy looking parallax that you get moving in some amazing ways, but if the user experience doesn’t allow successfully navigation through the site, you may as well not have bothered.


1. The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal website is one that really stands out as a great example to show you, this site is full of character and demonstartes the wonderful way that donations are used - The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal

2. Pitch Fork Cover Stories website looks like a beautifully and lovingly designed print magazine, which the site's features including parallax scrolling, interactive band interviews and photography - Pitch Fork Cover Stories

The Future

It is not new by any means, parallax scrolling popularity has been growing over the last three years, especially at Swindon Website Designers. It will be interesting to see where people take it in the next few years and whether it sticks around?